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Rules Of The Dump

A decent title and description is always a good start.

We need a URL to an image representative of the link. Anything submitted without an image is deleted without even a look. Make sure it's at least 600px by 500px. Bigger the better!

Select the right category that fits your link. Example: if it's the homepage of a tube site, choose tube, but if it's a specific video, choose the closest category for said video. You get me?

If the link is in a bad neighbourhood with sites linking to stuff that is questionable, or it has excessive pop-ups...It will not get listed!

I reserve the right to decide if your link is good enough. If it sucks...You are the weakest link...Good bye!

Nothing illegal, your ip address [] is logged and will be passed on to the relevant authorities.

I'm not a fuckwit, I know that normal surfers seldom submit stuff. If you are a webmaster, please link back to us! It's not compulsory, but it sure is a nice thing to do seeing as you will be getting free hits and do follow links...