A male wearing a hoodie looking a bit shady

17 October 2022

For the most part, browsing for porn online is usually pretty damn safe. However, we know a few people that have stumbled across some shady practices when searching for porn. This is why you should take care when surfing and do it anonymously.

How to find a safe and secure porn site?

Luckily for you, the number of safe porn sites nowadays are quite high, especially our Adult Links. They are verified and safe. You should still take care when surfing for new stuff though. The best thing to do is browse for porn using Tor. It can be a real pain because it's so slow, but it will stop viruses and pop-ups flying everywhere. You'll also feel safer if you did come across something distasteful because nothing is saved in your browser history. Then use a website like Porn Bookmarks so you can save your perverted bookmarks online without having to save them on your device.

Hide your porn habit

Using those two techniques, you could completely hide your porn habit from your loved ones and surf anonymously. If your device was ever lost or stolen, at least you would feel at ease knowing that all your pervy secrets were safe.