A women looking for porn

22 October 2022

Let's get this one thing straight and out in the open: Women love porn. Sorry, but it's correct. Women watch it, read about it, and crave it. To deny and say that women don't get turned on by adult content is far from the truth.

A study that was conducted by a contributing editor say one in three women watches porn. According to Pornhub and their survey, the number one search term for their entire site was "porn for women." Trouble is, the majority of the porn industry has been designed for men by men. This make's it hard for women to find the porn they really want to see.

That does not mean that the adult industry is not changing. Even though the industry is heading in the right direction, it can be hard to find porn websites when a woman is in the mood. That's why we thought we would put together some links that you can just bookmark for when you're horny and looking for something tailored to women who love porn.

Mom Lover

Mom Lover.

Mom Lover is all about taboo stepmom porn where the females take control of their stepsons. If you fantasize about being in charge, this will enlighten you.

Girlfriends Films

Girlfriends Films.

Girlfriends Films will take you on a journey through lesbian relationships featuring different scenarios.



Biphoria might make you think about your sexuality and your fantasies all in one.

Sexuality on the internet should depict women as subjects of pleasure and not objects for male conquest. Some visitors might not like it, but we all have fantasies and needs. Women more so!